Organic Search Ranking (SEO)

Internet searches are quickly (if not already) becoming the first place people search when they need service, want to buy or research a product to buy and everything else they need.  Having your website shown and featured when your potential customers are searching for what your business offers.

St. Louis SEO Expert

St. Louis is like no other city in America, and local SEO in St. Louis is like nowhere else.  With our incredibly fractured city and county structure, local searches are incredibly complex and you need an SEO expert that can get your website ranking for any local search is performed for your business.

SEO Optimization St. Louis

How Do Organic Listings Show Up?

Organic take up the majority of a search page.  There are usually 2-3 paid ads across the top of the page, then 1-3 organic listings the local map listings, then the final 7 organic listings to round out the top the first page of the search results.  The following pages are set-up the same without the local map listings giving the remaining of the search results ten listings at a time.  There is very little value to not being on the first page of organic listings.


The Importance Of Top Ten

When people are looking for a solution to their problem, most people will not look to hard.  The first credible solution they find is likely to be the first place they call or buy from.  Less than 2% of clicks from searches occur past the first page!  If your site is not being shown on the first page, you certainly will not be winning new business from your website.

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Capture The Easy Business

On-line searches are the easiest leads to convert into new business.  They already have a want or need, they just need a trusted source to buy from.  By having your business featured on the first page of searches, you are capturing the easiest leads to convert.

How To Rank A Website

Getting search engines to take notice to your website is equal parts art, science and tracking.  There are certain aspects that we know help, there are certain things that we think help all to varying degrees.  We have become really good at implementing what we know and think work and always track what is happening to further refine our efforts.

On-page SEO:

Having your website structured the correct way is the first step to getting listed. Proper structure or “technical” SEO allows the search engines to understand what your website is about and on what searches they should feature your website.

Off-page SEO:

This involves quite bit of ongoing work.  Off-page SEO involves building your link profile and social stats.  This area of SEO is more art than it is science.  While we know (through Google’s patents) what they consider in their search logarithm, we do not know to what extent each aspect is rated.  Basically this is anyway that a search engine can determine which sites are providing the answers that people are looking for with their searches.  Total traffic, direct url type in the search box are just of a couple of other factors that are considered.

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