Website Leasing Guarantee

We know what we are doing, we are confident that we can get you one the first page of Google.  Our guarantee is two fold, 60 days and 120 days.

60 Day Guarantee

You will have a first page ranking for a relevant search term, not including your business name within 60 days or you do not pay until we have brought your leased website to the first page.  Also if you ever fall off the first page, you don’t pay until you are back on the first page of Google.

120 Day Guarantee

If by some crazy reason we your leased website falls off of the first page of Google for 120 days, we will refund 110% of the money for the time it was not ranked.

Jiffy Rank 60-120 Guarantee

SEO Pricing

We believe in our work.  We believe in the incredible value we bring to our clients and the business they receive from their organic rankings.

Direct, Upfront Pricing

We have a set monthly fee for website leasing, local seo and national seo.  We also want to ensure that our services will be of value to your specific business.  After all holding the first search result for something that never gets searched is pretty useless.  To learn if SEO is even right for your company, let us take a took at what is happening on the web around your product or service.  Just fill out our contact form and we will gladly analyze the usefulness of seo for your business.

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees

SEO is an ongoing effort.  Even when you are at the top, to stay there requires some work.  Because of the enormous value our clients experience in bringing in new business every month, we work on a pure month-to-month relationship.  If at anytime you are not happy with the results your are experiencing, you can cancel.  It is the best advertising agreement in the world.

SEO Pricing

Local Map Listing Pricing

Unlike SEO, the rules for local map listings are pretty straight forward.  The work that we do for every client is very similar no matter what the industry, so we have a single price to get your business featured on Google Local Map Results.  As with SEO we do want to ensure that the volume of traffic is there (much less for versus SEO) for you to gain new business every month from your map listing.  Fill out our contact form and we will conduct the analysis and get back to you with the results.

Google map listing

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