60% of Searches Are On Mobile

Is Your Website Equipped?

Mobile Optimized Websites Are Critical For SEO

Google is pretty smart.  They know how your website will  be displayed on every device.  If it is not going to display correctly, they will drop your search rankings or not show your website at all.  With 60 % of searches coming on some sort of mobile device, having website that displays correctly is an absolute must.

Converting To Mobile

If your current website is not mobile friendly, we may be able to simply convert to a responsive design or take the existing layout, feel and content of your website and just build a copy on a responsive platform.  Either way the result is that the Google gods will favor your website much more than they have in the past and your search rankings will increase.

Website Overhaul

More than likely if your website is not mobile-friendly it has not been updated in quite some time.  We will build new websites for clients when this is the case or when the on-page SEO is almost completely worthless to getting their website to rank in the search engines.  Obviously this takes more time so the cost is greater, if you are not sure you want to invest in building a new website, you should consider our website leasing program.

Mass Change On Mobile Search

The change has happened.  It is here.  Your old, outdated website has lost 60% of its value because it is just not usable to your potential customer.  When the user experience is awful, no matter how great your service, product or messaging is, website visitors will not convert into customers.

You have probably done it yourself, pulled up a website on your phone only to get frustrated and backed-out because it simply was too hard to use on your phone.  Do you want your potential customers to feel that way when they interact with your brand and business.  If you site is not mobile optimized, that is exactly what is happening.  Your business feels old and outdated to your potential customers.

Not Sure If Your Website Is Mobile-Optimized?

No problem, just run it through our free SEO Analysis tool.  Not only will you see if it is completely mobile-optimized but you will get a full report on how search engines view your website.

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