Do The Search Engines Know You Are A Business?

Google anticipates the intent of why people search.  Anytime Google thinks you are looking for a business, it shows the map listings.

Does Google know that you are a local business?

Does Google feature your business in these searches?

What Are Local Map Listing?

When Google, Bing and Yahoo return search results, if they think your ultimate answer could be related to a local business, they give you a map with the pins or dots on it.  These pins are usually labeled A, B C… they will show as little as three and up to seven local businesses.  Having your business show up on the map is critical to increase your total on-line presence.  Just showing up on the map listing gives your business credibility to people looking for your products or services.

Where Does The Local Map Listing Show?

The local map listings vary slightly between different searches but it is almost always above the fold on desktop and just after the PPC ads on mobile.  The top ads always take priority (Google wants to make money) then you will either see 0-3 organic listings then the local map listings.

Showing where Local Map Listings show on search results

Using Your Local Map Listing

Being seen on the map is great but how will your potential new customers take action when they see your listing?

Click To Call

If it is a mobile search or even a desktop search with a Skype account, searchers can simply click on your phone number t0 dial you directly.

Click To Website Or Local Business Page

Searchers also get the option to click through to the website you decide or to your local business page on that platform.  For Google it is Google My Business, for Bing it is Bing Local and Yahoo is Yahoo Local.

How We Get Your Business Featured

The process on Local Map Listings is straight-forward (for now).  If you have existing local pages, we will build them out so each search engine can understand what your business is all about.  Then we go through out the web to create hundreds of business listings with your consistent business name, business address and business phone number.  The more of these that you have the more the search engines see you as a real business.  Sometimes it takes as little as 50 of these local citations and sometimes it can take over 200 to ensure that your business is being featured.  In competitive business we may even have to go one step further and create more authority to some of your local listings.

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