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SEO Puts You In Front Of People Looking For What Your Do.

Yes, people are searching for exactly what your business offers everyday.  Getting your business seen in these searches will give you a steady stream of new business everyday.  Jiffy Rank is an up and coming SEO agency in St. Louis, MO.  It is time to get your business featured by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Organic Search Listings

This is your opportunity to display an ad for your website when people are searching for your services or products.  At the very least it is very targeted branding.  At its best, it will send search traffic to your website that converts those visitors to new customers.  At JiffyRank we are experts at in ranking pages and crafting pages that convert visitors to customers.

With over 75% of all clicks from Google searches going to the organic listings, it should be your highest priority to get your business seen on every search around what your business offers.

Getting Your Website Ranked

Having your website show up on the first page of a search is more of an art than a science.  Yes, Google has a very sophisticated logarithm that sorts every webpage in the world and ranks them per search.  But they do not tell us exactly how this formula works.  Currently, the major ranking factors are:  page content (what it says, how it is formatted), incoming links (number, type, relevancy, trust of linking website) and social signals (how your web page is being shared on social media and social bookmarking).  While this is by no means and exhaustive list of everything that is involved in ranking a webpage, they are the major factors.

Local Business Listings

Commonly known as a 3 or 7 pack.  These are what Google shows as pins on the map with A, B, C… labels.  Getting your business shown in this listing is incredibly valuable for local businesses but requires different actions than getting a search engine to show your organic listing.  With the local listing, searches can click directly to your website or just call your phone number.  At JiffyRank we know exactly how to get your business featured in the local listings very quickly.

Local Listings On Mobile

Local listing take prominence on mobile searches which makes it an integral component to any local business since over 60% of Google searches happen on a mobile device.  This necessitates the need for a mobile friendly website.  Everything we do at JiffyRank follows the most modern standards, we actually follow Google’s patent filings to stay ahead of the game.

Website Leasing

Not every business owners wants to or can afford to pay thousands of dollars upfront to develop website and the invest in getting it to rank for their search terms.  At Jiffy Rank we understand that (we were small once too) so we developed a website leasing program that allows businesses to have a huge web presence without the huge upfront cost.  For just one monthly fee you can garner new business from the web everyday for just one low monthly fee.  With the same 60-120 guarantee as our organic search service.

The JiffyRank 60-120 Double Guarantee

We are so confident with our ability to rank your site, we offer a 60-day NO-PAY Guarantee and 120 day 110% Money-back Guarantee.  We will have your website on the first page of Google in 60 days or you don’t pay until you are on the first page.  If you ever fall off of the first page, you don’t pay again until you are back on the first page.  120 day 110% Money-back Guarantee says that if we do not have you on the first page of Google by 120 days, we will refund you 110% of every dollar that you have paid us.

This is risk-free advertising, if it doesn’t work, you don’t pay, it is just that simple.

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